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We hope this message finds you well! We’re thrilled to share some exciting news about the upcoming changes at The Care Leaders Online.

1. Revamping Our Live Sessions:

After a careful review, we’ve decided to discontinue our evening sessions due to consistently lower attendance. But don’t worry – Morning and afternoon sessions remain unchanged, and we’re expanding our live sessions with 12 additional speakers, offering a diverse range of expertise monthly.

2. Elevating Our On-Demand Experience:

Get ready for a more enriched learning experience with:

Shorter, On-Demand Sessions

Expanded Downloadable Resources

Interactive Learning Tools

More Podcasts

Additional Stories from foster carers, teachers, social workers, and parents

These updates aim to create a more adaptable and comprehensive learning environment, aligning with the growing preference for on-demand content.

Cancellation of Thursday, 18th Jan – Teenage Mental Health Session:

Due to these exciting changes, our scheduled Thursday session, Teenage Mental Health is now canceled. We appreciate your understanding as we reallocate resources for a better program.

We’ll be in touch shortly with details on accessing the updated platform. Your feedback is valuable, so feel free to share any thoughts or concerns.

Thank you for your commitment to The Care Leaders Online. We’re excited about these developments and look forward to an enhanced learning experience together!

Best regards,

Luke Rodgers BEM

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Teenage Mental Health: The challenges for care experienced people.

Navigating the complexities of adolescence is a daunting task for any teenager, but for those living in or exiting care, the mental health stakes are elevated. This session will look at the challenges young people face whilst living in care, and those when they leave – giving you a foundational understanding of teenage mental health and the challenges for care experienced people.

This session delves into the lived experiences of teenagers in and leaving care, dissecting how their unique challenges intersect with mental health diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Guided by real-world scenarios and enriched by evidence, this session gives you a foundational understanding of mental health related to care experience people.

This session delves into the specific mental health diagnoses most experienced by teenagers in care, examining not only the symptoms but also the root causes—often linked to trauma, instability, adverse childhood experienced and attachment disruption.

This session aims to give practitioners the confidence and competence to navigate the unique challenges faced by care experienced people. We will explore how leaving care creates issues around loneliness, transitions, and systemic strains – we want attendees to emerge with a nuanced understanding of the hurdles these young individuals face.

Furthermore, the session extends beyond mere diagnostic discussions to offer a review of available services, how to access them and provide you with useful resources and links for you to reach out.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn about the key mental health challenges, like depression and anxiety, that teenagers in care often face.
  2. Understand how issues such as moving homes frequently or changing schools can make these mental health problems worse.
  3. Discover how societal attitudes towards care and mental health can make it harder for teenagers to get the help they need.
  4. Discuss ways different professionals can work together to better support the mental health of teenagers in care.
  5. Find out about the services available for care experienced people and how to access them.
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