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The Importance of Schools Being Attachment and Trauma Informed.

An estimated one in three children is exposed to at least one traumatic event by the age of 18. In this article, Luke Rodgers BEM, founder of The Care Leaders, explains why minimising the impact of trauma starts with recognising messages in behaviour. “When people talk about messages in behaviour in our sector, what they’re […]

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Messages in Children’s Behaviour: What children are really telling us.

In children’s social care, systems are often set up to ‘manage’ the behaviour children and young people display, rather than helping us to understand the reasons behind their behaviour and what it communicates. In this article, The Care Leaders, together with Madlug founder, Dave Linton, discuss supportive foster carers, recognising triggers, and the importance of trust without conditions. When […]

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Why it’s time for care-experienced young people to have their say

Rebekah Pierre is a care-experienced social worker, campaigner and writer, who has written about the care system for publications such as The Guardian, The Independent, and more. She is currently editing ‘Free Loaves on Fridays’, an anthology which will invite care-experienced people to share their stories with the world. She is one of 14 young […]

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Daddyless Daughters is Creating ‘Brave’ Spaces to Empower Girls and Young Women

“What you go through doesn’t have to define you, and you can choose to look at it differently.” This is the message being driven home to girls and young women between the ages of 14 30 years old by the organisation Daddyless Daughters run by Aliyah Ali. The organisation provides vulnerable girls and young women, […]

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How can we change the narrative of young people in care?

As part of National Care Leaver Week, we spoke to lived experience leader and director of strategy for The Care Leaders, Luke Rodgers BEM about what a lived experience leader is,  what first inspired him to make a change in the system, and how The Care Leaders are helping other lived experience leaders to do just […]

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In Conversation With: Jerome Harvey-Agyei

Originally from East London, Jerome Harvey-Agyei is a lived experience leader and co-founder of The Topé Project, a volunteer-run organisation supporting care leavers “who may not see beyond their circumstances to understand their life potential”. For the latest episode of our ‘In Conversation With’ series, we chatted to Jerome to learn more about his story. […]

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Children in Need: Born to Love and Be Loved

Aren’t we all born to love and be loved? This is a question we discuss in the first session of our ‘Journey Through Care’ training, and together with Madlug founder, Dave Linton, in this article. How do we better support young people in our care? What constitutes a child in need? And how can we […]

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In Conversation With: Scott King

Scott King is a Lived Experience Leader and now, the founder of training company, Section 31 Training. For the latest episode of our ‘In Conversation With’ series, we chatted to Scott about his time in the care system, his involvement in change-making movements, and being an advocate for care leavers. Scott was taken into care when […]

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In Conversation With: Maggie Atkinson

Maggie Atkinson is an English educator and the former Children’s Commissioner for England. After a career in teaching, she moved into public service administration, initiallyin education, but later in children services. For the latest episode of our ‘In Conversation With’ series, we chatted to Maggie about the importance of empathy when working with children and […]

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1:1 Mentoring

Over the last 2 years young people have been thrown into an unknown world of social isolation and future uncertainty. The already present sociocultural pressure to keep up with friends is made all the more complex when the primary view they have of their peers is through the picture-perfect lens of social media. Now more than […]

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A Story of Two Leaders – Lived Experience Leadership

The National Lottery defined a Lived Experience Leader as ‘someone who uses their first-hand experience of a social issue to create positive change for, and with, communities and people they share those experiences with’.  I like this definition a lot; it tells me that we value someone who has been through something in their life […]

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11 Messages to a foster carer

1. You are making a difference, even if sometimes it feels like you are not I know what it’s like to try make a difference to children’s lives: you spend all day trying to say the right things and they just don’t seem like they land; your words get misinterpreted or just seem totally unheard. […]

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