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The Protected Characteristic Campaign for Care Experience: Are the recommendations suggesting we break Human Rights Laws?  

I decided after my two initial blogs to pause and reflect before releasing any more blogs, this was for two reasons.   Firstly, I experienced uncomfortable behaviour online directed towards me. I was shut down and blocked by one of the campaigners, and accused of being discriminatory by another.  In my view, these are two serious […]

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‘They’ve just made care experienced a protected characteristic, what do I do now?’ 

‘They’ve just passed the motion to make care experienced a protected characteristic, and now it’s my job to put it into practice’.   I’ve had several calls that start with a different version of this phrase. Good, caring and passionate professionals who have been given the task to put into action what is currently being campaigned […]

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Care Experienced as a Protected Characteristic: A view from the other side. 

Like many people I have sat on my hands, watched the ‘protected characteristics’ campaign and remained silent with my concern. I worry about the angst it could create for those whose personal testimonies drive this campaign if I challenge it. I fear persecution if I oppose a movement driven to end discrimination. I worry about […]

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Navigating Childhood: Understanding Adversity Through Lived Experiences 

Introduction  Childhood – a time of innocence, curiosity, and exploration. Yet, for many of us, it’s also a chapter marked by challenges that shape our journey into adulthood. In this blog, we delve into the world of childhood experiences through a lived experience lens, exploring the impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), parenting styles, domestic […]

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Beyond Behaviour Management: Understanding and Responding to the Messages Behind ‘Challenging’ Behaviours

In the world of caring for young people, practitioners are often faced with behaviours that might be labeled as ‘complex,’ ‘challenging,’ or ‘risk-taking.’ However, these labels often fail to capture the true essence of what these behaviors are trying to communicate. In this blog, we’re going to delve deep into understanding behaviours from a lived […]

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From Care Leaver to Care Leader: Empowering Young People for a Better Future

The Care Leaders: Founder’s story Children and young people in care are some of the most vulnerable members of society – yet the struggles and challenges they face are so often overlooked. Many have suffered traumatic events which have led them to being placed in care, and lack the family support networks that others might […]

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How can fostering communities help foster carers and care-experienced young people?

Fostering communities is a critical aspect of supporting foster carers and care-experienced children and young people. Communities can come in various forms, such as support groups, mentorship, and programmes like The Mockingbird family model, and offer an essential space of support, conversation, and a sense of belonging. In this blog post, we will explore the importance […]

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How to communicate to teenagers in care and care-experienced young people

Teenagers in care often present a particular challenge, and many adults struggle to connect with them. But why? In this blog post, founder of The Care Leaders and Lived Experience Leader, Luke Rodgers, together with Lived Experience Leader, Karylle Phillips, and the founder of Madlug, Dave Linton, discuss the reasons behind this and explore the […]

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Transitions: What it is like to move foster placement

In this blog post, founder of The Care Leaders, Luke Rodgers, chats with fellow lived experience leader, Karylle Phillips, and Madlug founder, Dave Linton, about the real-life experiences transitions of what is like to move foster placement, the challenges that come with this process, and what it truly means to find permanency. When Luke thinks […]

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How to increase education outcomes for looked after children and children with a social worker

It is well-reported that poor educational outcomes for children in care and children with a social worker can have a negative impact on their lives. Whether it’s access to work-based opportunities, or a successful transition into adulthood, educational achievement has a huge role to play in a young person’s life. In this blog, lived experience […]

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In Conversation With: Ric Flo

Ric Flo is a lived experience leader, rapper, and founder of Mantra Music, the world’s first record label exclusively for care-experienced artists. For the latest episode of our ‘In Conversation With’ series, Luke Rodgers BEM, founder of The Care Leaders, chatted to Ric to learn more about his background, his passion for music, and how he’s supporting […]

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Entering care – The real reasons children come into care

When young people enter care, it can seem like the system takes a young person’s identity and gives them a new one, projecting them into a confusing world with new terminologies and often leaving them with little understanding of what’s happening. In this article, The Care Leaders, together with Madlug founder, Dave Linton, discuss what really […]

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