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For foster carers

CPD-accredited keynote speeches designed especially for foster carers, facilitated by Lived Experience Leaders.

Foster Care
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We provide CPD-accredited keynote speeches facilitated by Lived Experience Leaders.

Our Lived Experience Leaders provide keynote speeches that give foster carers the skills to build relationships with young people and provide them with better support.

Face-to-Face & Virtual Keynotes

Especially picked for foster carers.

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Living a careless life – An inspirational story about living in care.

  • Face to Face
  • Keynote
  • Virtual

The keynote is focused on the power of relationships, highlighting what individuals can do to have a huge impact on the lives of children in the care system.

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Lived experience leadership – The impact of experience on service delivery and design

  • Face to Face
  • Keynote
  • Virtual

What does it mean to have lived experience? When we think about negative experiences we naturally think they are inhibitors of progression...

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Leading care – Redefining the narrative of leaving care

  • Face to Face
  • Keynote
  • Virtual

This keynote focuses on the system of leaving care, analysing the approaches to supporting children to effectively become independent.

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Our keynotes are for:

Fostering Foster Carers Police Managers Managers and Directors of Children's Services Teachers Residential Staff Youth Offending Service Social Workers Independent Reviewing Officers Children's Health Professionals Councillors and Lead Members Leaving Care Workers Youth Participation Workers
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Looking for something else?

Grounding real experiences into training brings life to the systematic, social, and psychological issues that affect children, providing a rich online learning that they won’t experience from other training.

Our courses offer insights into key subject areas, including:

  • Children in need
  • Children in care
  • Leaving care
  • Education
  • Youth engagement
  • Foster care
  • Residential care
  • Child development
  • Attachment
  • Trauma
  • Stress
  • Adverse childhood experiences
  • Managing behaviour
  • Language and recording
  • Emotional regulation
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Our keynotes are designed to give you more.

  • A variety of topics

    Our course topics include attachment, trauma, loss, youth engagement, children in care, and care leavers.

    Simple Booking
    Facilitated by Lived Experience Leaders

    Our training and keynotes are facilitated by Lived Experience Leaders who have both professional and personal experience of children’s social care.

    Reflective learning

    Our training brings people together to engage, reflect, and communicate with each other.

  • Developed for you

    Each course follows a clear structure, has carefully considered learning outcomes, and is easy to follow.

    Engaging materials

    Our courses offer downloadable resources and other tools to keep the audience engaged.


    All of our courses are CPD-accredited.

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    Corporate Parenting: A Whole Council Approach

    We all want to be a good corporate parent and ensure children feel part of a family. This keynote explores how local authorities and all their services can have a role in being a meaningful support for children in care.

    How to be an Advocate: for Councillors and Lead Members

    Lead members and councillors have a key role in advocating for the children they represent. This keynote helps them understand the lived experiences of children in care and how to be an advocate for them.

    Outstanding Participation: How to Meaningfully Engage with Young People

    Every local authority wants to engage with young people, whether that’s hosting meaningful events, setting up forums or co-designing services. This keynote looks at how to meaningfully engage with young people, devolve appropriate power and have an outstanding participation strategy.

    Living a Careless Life: The Lived Experiences of Care

    This keynote explores the lived experiences of care, looking at what it is like in school, how recording and language can cause stigma and what we can do to build meaningful relationships with children and their families.

    ‘Leading’ Care: The Lived Experience of Leaving Care

    Young people don’t leave care; care leaves them and they are left to lead their own lives. This keynote helps you understand the lived experiences of young people leaving care and what you can do to support them.

    Lived Experience Leadership: Engaging Lived Experience into Service Delivery

    We all want to engage with lived experience so that we can develop services with the views of those who have experienced them. This keynote explores lived experience leadership and how professional leaders can work alongside those with lived experience effectively.

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    We believe foster carers should be provided with adequate training so that they can give children loving homes.

    What people say
    What people say
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    We also offer e-learning keynotes

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