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Exciting Changes: New Directions in Live Sessions and On-Demand Offerings at The Care Leaders Online

Dear Members of The Care Leaders Online,

I hope this message finds you well and thriving. We are reaching out to share some exciting updates about our program schedule and offerings at The Care Leaders Online.

We have two significant developments to announce:

1. Revamping Our Live Sessions

2. Elevating Our On-Demand Experience

Revamping Our Live Sessions

In our commitment to evolve and tailor our services to better suit your needs, we’ve conducted an in-depth review of our session attendance and engagement trends. As a result, we’ve decided to discontinue the Thursday evening sessions. This decision comes in response to consistently lower attendance in these sessions, which has impacted their feasibility.

Rest assured, our Thursday morning and afternoon sessions remain unchanged. This decision is focused solely on the evening sessions, enabling us to reallocate resources to further enrich our program.

Additionally, based on your feedback, we’re thrilled to announce an expansion in our live sessions to include a more diverse array of voices. After a successful pilot with one local authority, we’re planning to bring more sessions facilitated by leaders with both lived and professional experience across the sector. Stay tuned for our exciting speaker line-up, as we introduce 12 additional speakers to present live, offering a wider range of expertise and insights. These sessions will be held monthly with Q&A opportunities.

Elevating Our On-Demand Experience

Also, beginning in March next year, we’re enhancing our on-demand offer with several key improvements:

1. Shorter, On-Demand Sessions: Designed for your convenience and adaptable to various schedules.

2. Expanded Downloadable Resources: A broader range of materials for your use and reference.

3. Interactive Learning Tools: Engaging quizzes and reflective activities to enrich the learning process.

4. More Podcasts: We’re adding more podcasts to our on-demand offerings, providing you with engaging audio content that you can listen to at your convenience.

5. Additional Stories: Next year’s training won’t just be about the story of young people, it will also include training that shares the lived experiences of foster carers, teachers, social workers and parents.

Our goal with these updates is to create a more adaptable, enriching, and comprehensive learning environment that aligns with the growing preference for on-demand content among our members.

We appreciate your patience and support as we implement these changes. Your feedback is crucial to us, so please do not hesitate to share any thoughts or concerns you may have.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to The Care Leaders Online. We are excited about these new developments and look forward to bringing you an enhanced learning experience.

Warm regards,

Luke Rodgers

CEO, The Care Leaders


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Course Overview: 

“Born to Love and Be Loved” is a comprehensive and CPD-accredited training session designed to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and communication techniques that are necessary to create a safe and nurturing environment for young people. This session focuses on promoting healthy attachment, helping young people regulate their emotions, and building meaningful relationships that offer effective support. 

Participants will explore key principles of attachment and gain insights into how to cultivate stronger connections with young people. By understanding attachment theory, participants will learn strategies for building trust, fostering secure relationships, and providing a supportive framework for young people's emotional well-being. 

One crucial aspect of this session is understanding the survival response, which examines how young people react to threatening situations. Participants will explore the flight, fight, freeze, or flop responses and develop a toolkit of techniques to appropriately respond to each survival response, ensuring that young people feel understood, safe, and supported. 

The session also delves into parenting styles and their influence on a young person's development. Participants will examine the impact of different parenting approaches, identify effective strategies for promoting positive parenting, and explore how nurturing relationships can positively shape a young person's emotional and behavioural growth. 

Furthermore, the session addresses the profound impact of domestic violence and child abuse on young people. Participants will gain insights into how trauma can shape a young person's behaviour and develop an understanding of trauma-informed approaches to support their healing and growth.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the "Born to Love and Be Loved" session, participants will be able to:

  • Utilise effective communication techniques to create a safe and supportive environment for young people, enabling them to feel heard, understood, and valued.

  • Understand and apply key principles of attachment to build meaningful relationships with young people, promoting a sense of security and emotional well-being. 
  • Recognise and appropriately respond to the flight, fight, freeze, or flop survival responses in young people, fostering a sense of safety and helping them regulate their emotions. 
  • Analyse different parenting styles and their influence on a young person's development, acquiring strategies to promote positive parenting practices and support healthy emotional growth. 
  • Comprehend the impact of domestic violence and child abuse on young people's behaviour, emotions, and overall well-being, and employ trauma-informed approaches to provide effective support. 

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