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School and Social Care

This session helps you understand the lived experiences of social care and school for young people. Exploring what you can do to support them to feel safe, settled and able to learn.

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In this session we will explore the practical, procedural and cultural systems within schools and how they impact young people.

Practically we will look at what it is like for a young people who have to meet their social workers, see their parents and attend meetings, all whilst having to go to class and do homework. Procedurally we will look at behavioural management policies, exclusions and reduced timetables and explore examples showing the effectiveness of these strategies. Finally, we will look at cultural systems and how we respond to young people based on our organisations culture and our own biases. Drawing from understandings of attachment aware approaches, intersectionality and unconscious bias.

We will take a deeper look into the experiences of vulnerable young people, looking at their lives outside of school. Focusing our attention on their unstable home lives, family dynamics and the communities where they live. From this we are able to build a picture of what it is like for young people at home and how they are likely to bring challenges to school.

Within this session we provide you with practice focused, evidence-based tools and theories to improve young people’s educational outcomes. Highlighting the importance of holding high aspirations, how to hold them accountable for their behaviour without shaming and how to communicate with young people to motivate them.

We see Virtual Schools across the country dealing with avoidable exclusions and in tricky negations with schools to try and get the best support for children in care.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the lived experiences of young people with a social worker
  2. Learn about attachment and trauma aware approaches to managing behaviour
  3. Hear evidence-based approaches to improve the educational achievements of young people
  4. Recognise how social care and school systems can clash, how they adverse impacts on young people and what you can do to help
  5. Develop skills to respond to young people who are showing unmet attachment needs
  6. Explore the impact of exclusion, reduced timetables and behavioural management on a vulnerable young persons learning

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