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Adverse Childhood Experiences

Born to love and be loved

This session explores the impact of being born into adverse family dynamics and the different ways in which social care and school can support children and families.

Children in need
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We want all children to go through positive experiences that enable to thrive, feel safe and supported. Young people are constantly learning from their parents and the environments around them. When young people experience adverse childhood experiences it can have a damaging impact on their development, sense of wellbeing and how they form attachments with those around them.

This course explores adverse childhood experiences such as divorce and the bereavement this causes for young people. We look at the impact of living between parents and family members, what is means for a child’s learning and development when schools and friends changing. We will also explore the different roles of social care and the various levels of support young people and families can receive.

We will share lived experiences and theories about parenting styles, exploring different examples that include discussions about the impact of abuse, poverty and neglect. We will look at attachment styles, how they form and what you can do to help young people build trusting relationships with you. Finally, you’ll understand the different types of abuse, how to spot it and what to do to keep a child safe.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Recognise the impact of adverse childhood experiences for children and families
  2. An introduction to attachment styles and how they are developed
  3. Gain an overview of how trauma impacts the brain and behaviour
  4. Develop an understanding of the stress response and how it triggers
  5. Learn about abuse, neglect and poverty and the statistics on a local level
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