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Living a careless life – An inspirational story about living in care.

The keynote is focused on the power of relationships, highlighting what individuals can do to have a huge impact on the lives of children in the care system.

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Two timetables – School and Social Care

This session helps you understand the lived experiences of social care and school for young people. Exploring what you can do to support them to feel safe, settled and able to learn.

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The Impact of Communication – Trauma, attachment and unconscious bias

This session explores how attachment, trauma and unconscious bias influence how we behave and communicate whilst giving you evidence-based tools to raise aspirations for children and their families.

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Children’s Social Care – The people and services

This session is all about the people and services within children’s social care so you know who young people are being supported by.

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Trauma and Transitions – Creating stability for children who have instability in their lives

This session looks at the different types of transitions for young people and how you can support them through it.

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Adverse Childhood Experiences – Born to love and be loved.

This session explores the impact of being born into adverse family dynamics and the different ways in which social care and school can support children and families.

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Lived experience leadership – The impact of experience on service delivery and design

What does it mean to have lived experience? When we think about negative experiences we naturally think they are inhibitors of progression...

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Leading care – Redefining the narrative of leaving care

This keynote focuses on the system of leaving care, analysing the approaches to supporting children to effectively become independent.

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Children in Need – Born to love and be loved

This session helps practitioners understand the issues for young people before they come into care and how this impacts them

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Messages in Behaviour – What children are really telling us

This session will help you recognise and respond to messages in children’s behaviour.

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Entering Care – The real reasons children enter care

This session explores the real-life experience of young people entering care.

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The impact of recording – How recording causes stigma

This session gives you the skills to record information that truly represents children and ensures they access the services they need.

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