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Sharz, is a seasoned Digital Marketer with a career spanning over six years. With a focus on crafting and executing comprehensive digital marketing strategies, Sharz has consistently driven brand awareness and revenue growth for diverse clients and organizations.

In Sharz’s current role as a Head of Digital Marketing, she leads a dedicated team that plays a pivotal role in supporting overall business operations while delivering exceptional customer care. Her expertise has been instrumental in developing and managing an online e-learning platform and training program, facilitating the successful onboarding and engagement of more than 5000 learners. Through these efforts, Sharz has empowered individuals with valuable knowledge and skills in Children’s Social Care.

Adept in social media management, content creation, and strategic communications, Sharz has significantly elevated The Care Leaders’ digital presence and brand recognition. Collaborating closely with leadership teams, she have successfully designed and implemented impactful communications and marketing strategies for prominent clients, including Suffolk County Council. Notably, their contributions played a crucial role in the successful launch of The Family Business, an apprentice program for care leavers.

Beyond their core responsibilities, Sharz has been a driving force in various projects, including The Care Leaders Fellowships, where they designed and facilitated marketing modules, contributing to the empowerment of lived and professional leaders through a comprehensive leadership program.


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