Middlesbrough Children Matter

A co-created vision that took Middlesbrough Borough Council on a vibrant ‘improvement journey’ to show Middlesbrough Children that they Matter.
In 2020 following an ‘inadequate’ OFSTED, Middlesbrough Council approached the Care Leaders to for support with their campaign, ‘Middlesbrough Children Matter’.

Our role was to establish a strong brand with a clear mission, vision and purpose and co-create this with young people and staff and provide specialist support to key areas of the children’s service’s.

These areas were:

The Care Leaders worked alongside a project manager, project sponsor, operational lead, communication and ICT experts and young people to craft a vision that guided Middlesbrough through ‘special measures’ and into a vibrant improvement journey.

Using our digital capacities and our experience in design, communication and engagement we:


Training and co-design sessions facilitated


Staff and young people engaged in co-designing the MCM project


Coaching sessions

Take a look at Middlesbrough Children Matter

A clear vision that guided Middlesbrough into a vibrant improvement journey.

As leaders with lived experience, we understand the complexity of children’s services from the point of view of a young person receiving them, staff operating within their teams and leaders guiding the organisation, whilst keeping children the heart of what they do.

We know what it feels like to manage the competing pressures of OFSTED, young people and staff, and now COVID-19 is here, the additional challenge of digital engagement.

We know the importance of establishing a clear vision with all partners, ensuring young people are present in service design and offering staff meaningful development opportunities: it was the combination of these elements that enabled us to support Middlesbrough to show that their Children Matter.

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