We do good things, with good people for good causes.

We know how important it is to know who you are working with. What they say about their values, their behaviours and leadership style gives insights that will help guide your decision about who you want to work with. We’d like to share with you who we are, so that you can make an informed decision about whether we are the right leaders to support you and your organisation.

Our Values

We work to make a difference, add value and build sustainable solutions that improve the lives of young people.


in communicating with young people and professionals.


in creating projects that meet your needs.


in co-developing strategies that lead to positive outcomes.



Be unconditionally welcoming to everyone. We focus on creating meaningful projects in partnership that have positive impact before anything else.


Be clear in how we communicate. We don’t use jargon or complex language; we are clear so everyone can engage with us.


Look after people. We know issues can be challenging and professionals carry this, so we work to take account of everyone’s well-being to do good sustainable work.


Our core belief

By meaningfully engaging with people, we create better services for children.

We know it is challenging for children’s services to engage with their staff and young people. This problem has been amplified by COVID-19, which has forced traditional services into a digital space and isolated people.

We combine lived and professional experience with our digital capabilities to work with you and provide development opportunities for staff, so we can create meaningful engagement for young people in children’s social care.

By providing authentic development opportunities, staff feel they work in an environment that cares about them and their development, so they in turn can meaningfully engage with young people, ensuring young people leave services in a better place than when they entered them.

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