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Dear Future You,

I need you to know you are more than what you have been through. Yes, there are significant parts of your past that you’ve come through. I know you have had it harder than most young people your age & what I do know is, it wasn’t your fault.

I know at times you’ve felt invisible; to your family, your friends, school & to services set up to support you.

But I see you.

I see the courage it takes to open your eyes in the morning and the strength it takes to get dressed, when every item of clothing weighs heavy on your shoulders.
I see you take off your smile, that you have kept balanced perfectly in place. It’s exhausting, isn’t it? I want you to know you don’t always have to show the world that you’re okay.

I am inspired by you.

You deserve all your dreams to come true, the career you want, go get it. The family life & supportive friendship group, you are worthy of it all & it is just around the corner.

Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t come easy. It’ll be exhausting and at times you may feel like giving up. please don’t.

You’ll question your self-worth and maybe for a while believe that you’re not worthy of the life you dream of.
I hope one day you can see that you deserve it all. It will take work, long hours, and at the time the reward may not seem so great.

I hope in time, you can look in a mirror and see how beautiful you are. Unfiltered, naturally beautiful. I hope you start to take selfies without filters and post unedited pictures with pride. You are perfect, just the way you are.
I hope you stop updating your status’, to get attention from people who don’t deserve your energy.

I hope you see the only person worthy of your comparison is the you now, to the future you.

Setting those boundaries and being able to say no is a work in progress, but you’ll get there and once you’ve cracked it, you’ll see how liberating it can be to say how you feel without always putting everyone’s needs before your own.

Remember, your story is precious and it is only yours, to be told by you.

You don’t owe it to anyone!

Love, always, Emily

Thank you to Participation Worker Emily Rhodes for sending us this powerful letter to publish.
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