Care Leavers National Movement

Client: The National House Project

The Care Leaders were asked to develop a national platform to connect, engage and provide opportunities for care leavers to steer and develop The National House Project.

Leaving care is a challenge for all young people, having to think about housing, finance and a whole host of other social and emotional barriers can be overwhelming and leave young people feeling isolated and forgotten. The House Project was developed to address these issues and to give young people ownership of the solutions and a positive future. The House Project developed the Care Leavers National Movement to bring together young people from across the UK to steer the charity and develop leaving care services with and for care leavers.

‘We are a group of people here who want to make a difference and inspire happiness’

– Krystal

The Care Leavers National Movement:

Highlighting system challenges, celebrating success stories and testing innovative ideas.

Over 12 months The Care Leaders supported The House Project to establish and launch the Care Leavers National Movement, which brought together a group of 18 young people from 6 local authorities whose focus was to highlight system challenges, celebrate success stories and test innovative ideas.



The Care Leaders supported the Care Leavers National Movement development of:

  • Vision and Mission
  • Branding and communication
  • Website
  • Young people’s leadership Policy
  • Membership structure
  • Terms of referenc


We provided:

  • Engagement opportunities for care leavers
  • A 3-day residential
  • Monthly ‘Movement Meetings’
  • Co-design and facilitation for the The National House Project launch conference
Since we departed the project the Care Leavers’ National Movement has sustained its membership and grown it to include 12 local authorities. The Care Leavers National Movement has instigated the ‘Keep Care Leavers Connected’ campaign that has gained national traction and developed partnerships with some of the UK’s leading organisations for children’s social care.

When we give young people meaningful opportunities to develop services, it is transformation for themselves and for the services their peers receive.

Our leaders with lived experiences understand the challenges of bringing together young people and the complexity this can bring when working with multiple organisations from different areas of the UK.

We also understand what it is like to leave care without the skills to live independently, often without clear access to crucial support such as accommodation, health services and financial support and the confidence to navigate adult life and be self-sufficient.

We recognise when we give young people meaningful opportunities to develop services, it is transformation for them and the services they receive. Co-designing isn’t just about developing a service as an end product; it is about developing a process that constantly engages everyone and a culture that promotes and celebrates young people.

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